What’s the deal now?

In the beginning of 2017 the act “Experiment with a controlled supply of cannabis to coffee shops” was passed in the House of Representatives. This law aims to regulate the cultivation and use of cannabis, with the goal of improving the quality and safety of the product. In addition, the law will help to break down illegal practices surrounding the production and supply of cannabis.

The practical implementation of this law is no easy task and has various challenges. This is because the government’s current “tolerance” policy allows for a mixture of underworld and upperworld elements resulting in a range of unwanted legal, social and financial consequences.

The closed coffeeshop chain is looking for a controlled and verifiable product from the cultivation all the way to the use. Which is why the experiment proposed by the government requires a scientific approach and strong contenders who are sufficiently capitalized by legal means.

The government has appointed the “Knottnerus Commission” to advise them on the frameworks in which the experiment must take place. This has resulted in a procedural handbook made by the council and ministerial regulations in which the conditions for participation are described. Municipalities wishing to participate in this experiment were able to register until the 10th of June 2019. The Senate passed the legislation at the end of 2020 and came into force in June 2020. Potential candidates will be able to register in the third quarter of 2020.

“Our mission is to help realize a safe and responsible cannabis chain from the moment of cultivation all the way to the usage of high-quality cannabis. “


Project C is an organization run by a lawyer, a general practitioner, a politician and a greenhouse construction expert. Due to their positions, these board members are well versed in academic standards and are continually trying to better the society around them.

Our goal is to help contribute to the realization of a responsible and successful operation from the moment of cultivation all the way to the usage of high-quality cannabis.

In September 2018 Project C released a manifesto full of cutting edge ideas and information in response to the closed coffeeshop experiment. In order to put theory into practise Project C has been working on translating the objectives from the manifest into a solid business case that fits within the framework of the “Closed Coffeeshop Experiment”

As of December 2018 Project C has continued their vision as “Project C Holding B.V” A company that strives to grow and produce the highest quality cannabis (products) in the Netherlands and within the scope and regulations of the experiment.

Project C’s business plan is constructed in order to develop a production facility that grows high quality cannabis and meets all of the safety and quality requirements set by the government. We will also be donating 30% of our profits towards addiction care and scientific research relating to use of cannabis.

Millions of people in the Netherlands have consumed cannabis and approximately 1 million of them do so for both recreational and medical purposes. That is why we as a society have a responsibility just like any other product to ensure safety and quality from the moment of cultivation all the way to the usage.

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